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I have decided to gather some choice quotes made by Dan Savage. My extensive research consisted of googling “Dan Savage transphobia”.

You might want to stop reading here if you are having a very dysphoric day, or have met your transphobic bullshit quota for the day.


1) Column: Bad Tranny.

Dan Savage responds to a single parent who recently found out their ex partner is a transwoman. His use of the word tranny is only the tip of the iceberg.

  • The tranny activists are going to jump down my throat for this, but… it seems to me that your ex could’ve put off the sex change until after his son was out of high school.
  • Perhaps I’m a transphobic bigot, but I honestly think waiting a measly 36 months to cut your dick is a sacrifice any father should be willing to make for his 15-year-old son. Call me old-fashioned.
  • Unfortunately, your ex wasn’t willing to make that sacrifice (selfish tranny!), or it never occurred to him to make that sacrifice (stupid tranny!).
  • I hope that in the long run your son eventually accepts his dad/mom/whatever and forgives his dad/ mom/whatever for being imperfect
  • When your son is an adult, he’ll hopefully be able to forgive his dad/mom/whatever for his selfish decision to run off and have a sex-change operation …

2) Column: Deep Love.

Dan Savage responds to a man who had sex with a transwoman prostitute.

  • “…going down on a shemale escort shores up your heterosexual bona fides. Gay guys don’t frequent and/or fellate shemale escorts (on purpose or by accident); getting with shemales is an entirely straight-male pursuit.”
  •  Of course you aren’t totally straight—try thinking of yourself as something more than straight, not less—but you’re close enough that you can round yourself down to straight with a clear conscience. (Offer void the day you start blowing hemale escorts.)

3) Transgendered Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna Betrays His Community

Dan Savage falsely labels Washington State Attorney Rob McKenna as a transgender man as a “joke”. No evidence exists of Rob McKenna being transgender.

  • It’s staggering that Rob McKenna, a female-to-male transsexual, is making it harder for other FTMs (and MTFs) to access the life savng sex-reassignment surgery that allowed Rob to become the man he is today. Rob had the resources to finance his own sex-reassigment surgery—presumably—but that doesn’t excuse Rob’s cruel disregard for his low-income transgendered brothers and sisters or his making common cause with anti-trans bigots in states like Virginia and Mississippi.

At the bottom of the page Dan Savage writes

A joke? Really? After getting called out for this insulting bullshit Savage writes this in a later article about a trans student:

(Oh, and folks who want me to apologize for this: Okay, I will—after we raise at least 2K for Juin and his family. Otherwise, meh, I’ll just keep hating on trans people like the raging anti-trans beegoat that I am.)


Okay. I think that is all the research I am willing to do for now. I can only wade through so much bullshit in a day. I might add to this later if I find more examples of Savage’s transphobia.

Since so many of us keep writing about what a piece of shit Dan Savage is, I felt like bringing in some of his “lovely” quotes would be nice. Words cannot describe how much I hate that man. Quite frankly, I hate him more than Fred Phelps — at least Fred acknowledges that he hates us.

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