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wow, I never realized quite how horrible Dan Savage is, with friends like these…







Acephobia in the LGBT+ Community from the documentary (A)sexuality. 

It is just…so fucking weird how threatened people feel when it comes to Asexuality.  I still can’t wrap my mind around it.

I’m so happy this post is being reblogged by LBGT+ people who aren’t asexual. I keep on reading posts by non-ace LGBT+ people of support to the ace community, and of being stunned by this reaction by a movement which should know better than to judge. AND THAT MAKES THIS ACE SO FREAKING HAPPY. The woman in the first photo expresses my sentiment. I know I belong in the queer/LGBTQIA movement. I want to belong. But I just don’t know if I’m welcome. I’m so happy that there are so many people on Tumblr who do not fall into the catagory of outright refusal of asexuality.

I know not a lot of people understand asexuality. And I know there’s confusion about it, about our experiences, and about how we fit in the movement. But let’s talk about this. Let’s have this conversation.

I mostly don’t delve into the ace tags, but I hear there’s a lot of ace-hate that and I really don’t get it.  I don’t understand how asexuality is threatening.

You know what I (as a queer ace-spectrum person) find most threatening?  Getting unwanted sexual unwanted advances from both queer and straight people. I’ve gotten them from people of all spectrums and it always makes me profoundly uncomfortable, and often unsafe.  It just boggles my mind how people are upset by the concept of asexuality.  That’s like getting really mad at someone who isn’t hungry.  What’s the point?  Just shut up eat your own sandwich. (And stop chewing on me.)

Wow, the fuck the people in those images.

Nobody has the right to disrespect anybody else’s sense of self. It may not be for, you but that does not give you the right to be an asshole.

We really need to push more for LGBTQIA+ to be a standard, instead of just LGBT, especially considering that even the B and T are already invisible in much of the community.

Not supporting some of us = not supporting all of us.

Who does asexuality threaten? 

What’s your damage if someone is asexual? Is that some kind of shattering blow to your ego, that someone may not want to have sex with you? Do you need reinforcement for your sexuality so badly that you feel the need to shun someone just because they don’t share it?

Pathetic and hypocritical.

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This morning, local man Andrew Wood was on his way to the store when a mugger stole his wallet and proceeded to stab him five times, before running off. Wood was left there bleeding for several minutes, before someone finally stumbled across him.

That person was Dan Savage, founder of the It Gets Better campaign.

"It was absolutely shocking," Savage said. "There was so much blood everywhere, and he could barely speak. Naturally, I knew I had to do something."

Savage reportedly told Wood, “Don’t worry! It gets better! I know things seem tough now, but if you just hang in there, everything will be okay.” At no point did Savage call 911, or make any visible effort to assist him.

After ten minutes of encouraging words from Savage, the man bled out and died.

"It’s a shame he didn’t survive. I guess he just wasn’t trying hard enough," Savage said. "But he’s in a better place now, so everything is okay. It’s like I always say: it gets better. Sometimes that just means not being alive anymore."

Wood’s family are now seeking to sue Dan Savage for criminal negligence.

Dan Savage Stands By As Man Bleeds To Death

The Wishwashington Post

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Anonymous asked: Hey, Wario, aside from the way that Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign encourages people to just wait out bullying, what do you think about his blatant biphobia?



Wario is’a disgusted by Savage’s “bisexuals are just homosexuals who arent all the way out’a the closet" attitude! Wario is also disgusted by Savage’s casual’a use of transphobic slurs, Savage’s fat-shaming, and’a Savage’s blame homophobia on black people attitude!

Wario does’a not think Dan Savage should represent any portion of the LGBTQ community!

Dan Savage may be misguided–slightly–with regards to the “BT” part of the LGBT, but can we just take a second to remember who is really important?

Freshman Sociology Major

"remember who is really important" IS THIS ONE ACTUALLY FOR REAL I CANT

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"Slightly" misguided?  And just the "BT" part?  Try majorly misguided about everything except the G.  The white abled cis middle-to-upper-class G.

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Anonymous asked: I'm asexual and demigendered (or whatever, still working it out) and just WTF? He openly calls a supportive loving sexual ally a secret f*g??? And, the worse part: he's implying that this asexy woman is some 'lesser' thing that her bf's a fool to put up with. That he would use his OWN sexuality as an insult against a man who considers her sexuality valid and loves her as a person. His passive aggressive congratulation of their relationship makes me sick. He is SO triggering.

That was definitely one of his (many) low points.  Asexual people definitely are not less than non-asexual people, nor is being asexual inherently incompatible with having a relationship with a non-asexual person.

ghostbear420 asked: Hi! I'm a straight cis female and I recently listened to an interview with Dan Savage. I didn't know much about him before. Besides sounding really annoying, he went on to talk about female orgasms and female bodies like he knew all about them. He just sounded like an idiot, and obviously knew nothing. It really pissed me off. Anyway I think it's cool that you have this blog to expose how much of an asshole this guy is. :)

Yeah, he does rather have a tendency to act like an expert on fields he knows nothing about, doesn’t he?

sonnehlee asked: So my friends and I are protesting the bringing of Dan Savage to our university and so with it we are using the twitter handle #SayNOtoSavage and if people could tweet as to why they don't support Dan Savage we would greatly appreciate it.





Good to know FCKH8 is a dismissive sympathizer of that man so I can avoid spending my money on them.


I have sent an email to the contact emails I could find for FCKH8,

I encourage you to email them, as well!

My email:


I want to let you know that I am disgusted and ashamed to have spent any of my sparse income on FCKH8 products after seeing how the FCKH8 facebook page treated multiple transgender people’s concerns and reasonable distaste for an image using Dan Savage was used. When a valid criticism (along with information and quotes shared by other individuals) was posted, the response from the FCKH8 facebook page was basically to dismiss the concern and harm Savage has done and continues to do to the transgender community. I have attached an image containing screenshots of the initial image, the initial comment questioning the appropriateness of including Savage in a community that says FCKH8 when he says very hateful things, and FCKH8’s response.

I would like you to look at this page and then think about this: why is it ok to tell transgender people to “focus on bigger enemies” and that they have to really stretch to make Savage’s comments transphobic? Why is it ok to alienate and dismiss someone concerned and offended by idolizing a person while ignoring the harmful words and actions just because those things affect a less-prominent part of the community?

It is deeply insulting to me as a transgender person to be told that. Would it be ok if all the references to transgender people were switched to references to gay and lesbian people? It definitely wouldn’t be ok for Savage to say some of these things about the gay community. In fact, we’d probably see joking images about them on the FCKH8 page. In addition to Savage’s blatant cissexism and transphobia, he is very misinformed about the bisexual community, as well. Why exactly is it dismissible to harm these parts of the LGBT community?

As a last word: Thank you to the tireless mods of Your Fave Is Problematic for their work in fighting the tendency in our society to dismiss and cover up any criticism of those idolized.


I got a gem of a response from Luke, the second image. My response:

"That’s great that you were a part of that, but it doesn’t mean that you are immune from ever unintentionally doing something wrong.

The judge of if someone is transphobic are transgender people such as myself and many, many others angry about the attitudes and words he has used.

You are trying to defend your position and you’re disregarding legitimate criticism because it would seem inconvenient. “

What the hell? I like fckh8 even less now 

They’ve always been the worst.

Don’t forget he’s also biphobic, sexist, fat-shaming and racist.

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"Fuck No, Dan Savage" was created to showcase the cissexist, sexist, anti-asexual, anti-bisexual, classist, racist, sizeist, and ableist douchebaggery of Dan Savage, of "It Gets Better" (for privileged queers only) fame.

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